Annual Fuel Costs with different types of boiler

Which boiler will save your East London and Essex home money? Ask Boiler Medics

Different style boilers put out different levels of efficiency. That’s why Boiler Medics keeps up to date on all the latest industry trends and improvements made to boilers and central heating systems by manufacturers. The annual cost to keep your home comfortable can skyrocket if your boiler isn’t in good repair and functioning properly The team at Boiler Medics can evaluate your heating costs and make sure the efficiency of your boiler is top notch.

Taking into consideration the age of your boiler and the last time it was serviced or repaired will have a major impact on what you are putting out every month to heat your London home. Boiler Medics is licenced and certified and has a proven track record that has keeps East London homes running efficiently.

Boiler and gas line inspections by Boiler Medic Are vital to your East London or Essex home.

Having your boiler and gas lines inspected regularly by Boiler Medic can save you from further emergency repair down the road. Secondly, with Boiler Medics extensive experience, we can tell you where the issues are and offer you a complete explanation and a quote free with no obligation. Knowledge about your boiler and where you may be losing efficiency can only aid in helping you make the decision to upgrade to a more efficient boiler.

Boiler efficiency ratings must have 92% or higher to be fitted, so Boiler Medic will recommend the best suited boiler to keep your home comfortable without the high energy bills. You can check out our services at There you’ll find the experience you are looking for.

How do Boilers compare according to Sedbuk efficiencies and how will that affect your East London or Essex home? Boiler Medics knows.

A new boiler will obviously be more efficient than your old one. But the question remains which boiler is best suited for your home and needs? Boiler Medics makes it their business to regularly study the Sedbuk, or Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK, ratings. Your new boiler must surpass a battery of laboratory tests which include the SAP scores for the efficiency of how a boiler turns fuel into heat.

So if you are looking to upgrade your old gas heavyweight boiler to a new condensing Vaillant boiler,  go to and schedule your free consultation and quote on making your central heating system more safe and efficient for your East London or Essex home.

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