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Low water pressure is something every home has had to deal with at one time or another. It’s not only annoying but can cause a disturbance in your family life and put your entire day behind when you turn on the tap for your morning shower and the water just trickles out. And unless you’re a certified plumber, discovering why the water pressure all of a sudden dropped can only be a mystery. Unfortunately, from time to time it can be the fault of the city or the pumping station near your home, however, in most cases, it’s fixed within a few hours. If they have been recently working on the pipes in your area, rust or gravel could be causing a blockage.

Water Pressure low

But what if it’s not the city’s fault and you discover your neighbors experience no drop in pressure?

The most common cause of low water pressure is clogged pipes or fixtures. If you find that it is only in one part of the house, say the kitchen tap, then it would be wise to check that fixture and see if it is worn out or the aerator clogged. If you are experiencing low water pressure throughout your house, then there is a deeper issue. Over time, mineral deposits from the water, debris, and rust from old pipes can get trapped in valves and other places causing the water pressure in your home to drop. This is something Boiler Medics in Essex and East London can help with. Visit our website at www.boilermedics.co.uk then give us a call and let us know what you are experiencing with your water pressure. It shouldn’t have to take hours to get the dishes done.

Water Pressure Low Even Though You Have New Pipes? Call Boiler Medics Immediately

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If you have new or predominately newer pipes and you are sure there shouldn’t be a blockage, the cause for your low water pressure could be a hidden leak somewhere. Not all leaks are visible and the ones that aren’t can end up costing you a ton of cash and worse yet, cause more damage to your home. At the first sign of low water pressure, and you are sure that there is not a main water leak or it’s the fault of the city or municipality, then call Boiler Medics and have one of our certified plumbers come out and do an inspection. Visit our website at www.boilermedics.co.uk today and make sure you keep our number handy. We handle all types of repairs and oiler emergencies. We want to make sure your London home stays comfortable, the way it should be.