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Frozen Pipes On Your East London Or Essex Home? Call Boiler Medics Now

Frozen pipes are not something the inexperienced should ever deal with, nor is a broken boiler. Even with informational articles like this one, your outside frozen pipes should be handled with the utmost care and concern. The health of your boiler may depend on it. Not to mention the integrity of your pipes. One mistake can end up costing thousands of pounds and several hours of labour. And all that time, you and your family could be stuck without hot water or heat. Clearly this is not an ideal scenario for the dead of winter. And we all know London and Essex gets pretty cold certain time of the year. If you are stuck with an old boiler or broken boiler and you find yourself with frozen pipes, give the experts a call at Boiler Medics. Check us out at

Frozen Pipes Need To Be Handled By Professionals. In East London Or Essex Call Boiler Medics Now

Frozen pipes must be dealt with and warmed gently. Please do not ever pour boiling water on your frozen pipes. Although this seems like it would be the quickest and most feasible solution, it can crack your outdoor pipes and even worse yet, further damage your boiler. If you have frozen pipes or a broken boiler, call the emergency Boiler Repair experts at Boiler Medics. Check us out at You don’t want to be stuck without a working boiler all winter long. Boiler Medics can make sure your pipes are delicately thawed out and your boiler is working properly again. Attempting to do this yourself could be disastrous. Even if you should try yourself to get your indoor pipes thawed, you will still need the help of a certified boiler engineer so as to make sure there are no leaks in your pipes and no damage was caused to your boiler.

For Frozen Pipes Indoor Or Out, Call Boiler Medics In East London And Essex

Frozen pipes can happen on the inside or outside pipes. In either case they still must be thawed slowly. As water freezes it expands and hitting the pipe with hot water or a high heat source could cause the pipe to split, rupture or burst.  This is not the ideal situation. With frozen pipes, consequently you may be stuck without a proper shower or dirty dishes piled up. A burst pipe can make that situation last even longer. If you have frozen pipes, trust the experts at Boiler Medics to come out and take care of it for you.  Check us out at Just remember, the moment you discover you have frozen pipes, make sure all of our taps are turned off and call Boiler Medics immediately.

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