Common Plumbing Mistakes

Regardless of how hard you try, plumbing issues are bound to emerge at your home or workplace, one time or the other. Whether you are faced with a problem of a mere clog, or something more serious like a pipe burst, the way you approach the problem plays a huge role in causing such predicaments to occur less often in the future. 

You can handle a majority of the small-scale plumbing problems as long as you have a few tools such as a wrench and plier. As for larger projects like bathroom installation, you’ll be needing the assistance of professional plumbers.  Anyway, for plumbing work, there are some common mistakes that you should need to steer clear of.

Common Plumbing Mistakes to AvoidSpeedy Fixing

When you are in a rush while tending to a plumbing problem, you may feel like rushing through it. However, no matter what the urgency, it is never smart to fix a plumbing problem with divided attention.

In such cases, for instance, if you need to turn off the water supply before fixing the problem, you may forget to do so, resulting in messy water streams all over the floor.

Forgetting to Disconnect Your Hose in Winter

Bursting of Frozen pipes in winter can cause damaging indoor floods. Therefore, it is crucial that as part of winter home maintenance, you take off all your garden hoses. In case of a separate control, turn off the water supply to the outdoor taps.

Water expands when it freezes and since pipes are not generally designed to cater for this change in behavior, they burst. The floods caused by this sort of bursting can deal considerable damage to your floors, wall, and appliances. Moreover, if such a burst occurs inside the flooring or wall of your property, the damage can be even greater and so can be the repair cost.

Thus, keep your calendar marked and when the freezing season is upon you, take out few minutes of your time and disconnect all your outdoor hoses.

Incompatible Pipes

If you’re doing your own plumbing work or an incompetent team of plumbers is in your service, it’s common that the pipes for your plumbing work are mismatched in size and shape. Aside from that, there is also the likelihood that the pipes to be fitted together are not even of the same material.

In case of different sizes and shapes, you will be needing a connecting piece for proper sealing. As for pipes with different materials, take for example galvanized metal and copper, you will need a fitting made up of a suitable material like brass to act as a connector between the two. Please also read our article Water Pressure Low? Know what to look for.

Disregarding the Plumbing Dos and Dont’s

As a simple homeowner, no one expects you to be aware of all the plumbing guidelines. However, when a comparatively larger plumbing issue springs up, and you, being enthusiastic, try solving it in your way, you might end up in trouble.

There are certain permissions that you may require from the plumbing authorities in your area. Apart from proving devastating for your home, not obliging to the rules and regulations can cost you a headache in the long term. There are numerous water fitting regulations plumbers must adhere to in order to protect your water supply from contamination. 

Best Plumbers in East London That Will Not Make Plumbing Mistakes

Common Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

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