5 Most Common Boiler Repairs

Common Boiler Repair Issues

So many people request boiler repairs.  Boiler Medics, we understand that when you hear “boiler repairs” you most likely automatically think “expensive”. Well, even though a boiler fix can become a pricey expense, this is not always necessarily the case. This is because boilers can be affected by various different types of issues. Additionally, your boiler may only be afflicted by only one of the issues we are going to take a look at. This might raise the question, what are the 5 most common boiler repairs? 

Now commonly, boilers tend to break down or need more immediate care during the winter months. This is, of course, not only the worst time for them to break down, but it makes sense because this is when they are used the most. If your boiler is displaying symptoms of any of the issues we will be discussing in this article, then you can rest assured that Boiler Medics in London can get your boiler back to working condition in no time.

Which Issues Are Common For Boilers?

5 Most Common Boiler IssuesIn our vast experience, Boiler Medics can say with certainty that one of the most prevalent issues that come up for boilers is leaking or dripping. Often, boiler leaks are superficial and can be fixed when a broken part such as a pressure valve or pump seal is replaced. Leaking water can potentially corrode other parts of the boiler, resulting in a more expensive fix. It is important to regularly check your boiler for leaks. This will ensure that the lifespan of your boiler isn’t cut short, as water leaking is often an early indication to an issue in your boiler that needs attention.

Another common boiler issue that often raises its head is a boiler that switches itself off. These are often referred to as boiler lockouts and occur because of boiler fail-safes that kick in. This can often be caused by the boiler losing or being low on pressure. Alternatively, this can be due to a leaking or broken pump or perhaps faulty valves that don’t allow water into the system.

Additional Common Boiler Repair Issues

Furthermore, a typical boiler problem to have is the lack of heat or hot water. When this issue occurs, a thorough examination of the boiler is the best bet as there could be a host of potential causes. This issue can be caused, for example, by a broken diaphragm or airlock, a faulty thermostat, low water levels or even a valve failure. Boiler Medics can help you to diagnose the source of the issue when it comes to your boiler not heating. 

The fourth most common issue when it comes to boiler repairs is a boiler that has lost pressure. In our experience, loss of pressure is most likely associated with a leak. You can check your boiler’s pressure by using the pressure gauge and if the pressure seems to drop consistently, there is an issue. Common troubleshooting will refer to checking leaks, faulty pressure valves, auto air vents and radiators.

Ensuring A Healthy Boiler

5 Most Common Boiler IssuesLast on our list of 5 most common boiler issues, is a noisy boiler. This is often referred to as a boiler that is kettling. This occurs when you can hear a gurgling or rumbling noise coming from your boiler. Now, this issue can occur due to old parts, corroded joints or even air build-up in the central heating system. Alternatively, a build-up of limescale and or sludge can cause noise which is not ideal to hear coming from your boiler. 

Having a trusted heating expert in your neighbourhood gives you peace of mind that when your boiler inevitably needs some TLC, you can rely on the best. Boiler Medics in London provide just that, with our vast knowledge of boilers, radiators, and underfloor heating. In the case of emergency boiler repair, standard maintenance or even full boiler replacement, we offer exceptional service and trusted advice. Get in touch with the boiler repair specialists at Boiler Medics today to see how we can help your central heating system.

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